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Rental Qualifications

Application Screening Policies

Download Application Screening Policies (PDF)


All applications will be approved, approved with an increase in security deposit or denied, no later than 24 hours from receipt of the application (or the end of the next business day if submitted on the weekend or a holiday).

When there are multiple sets of applications, applications will be approved based upon the bestqualified applicant. An applicants qualification strength is determined by Security Deposit increase and credit score.

All applications must be accompanied by a document that verifies income (last 30 days paycheck stub is preferred) and must be three times the rent, a picture ID issued by the state or federal government, minimum of 2 years landlord or mortgage history, and the application fee. If an application is missing any of these items, one contact will be made requesting these documents; if they are not supplied within 24 hours from receipt of the application, the application will be automatically denied.

Applicants will be approved based on their credit score, verification of income and landlord references. If we are not able to verify a positive landlord reference within 24 hours of receipt of the application, the applicant will be notified via email that it is their responsibility to contact their landlord to get them to contact us if they wish to be approved.

Multiple applicants: In the event that there are multiple co-applicants, each adult applicant must submit a separate online application within 24 hours of the original applicant.

  • If the application for all of the co-applicant(s) is not received within 24 hours of the original applications, the original application(s) will be denied.
  • If one co-applicant qualifies independently on credit, income and landlord references (see approval categories below), all other co-applicants still must submit applications to be added to the lease, but will not be subject to the approval requirements below.
  • The Security Deposit increase is determined by the lowest qualified co-applicant.
  • If one or more of the co-applicants does not meet the minimum credit score, we cannot use that applicants income towards qualifying the group for the property. If the income, credit, and landlord references of the remaining applicants qualifies them for the home, then the non-qualified co-applicant(s) can be added to the lease.


Score for properties
$799 or less
Deposit Increase Landlord History
700 0% None Needed
651 - 699 0% 1yr or 30% increase
600 - 650 30% 1yr or 30% increase
550 - 599 60% 1yr or 30% increase
549 & Below DENIED  

Score for properties
$800 or more
Deposit Increase Landlord History
700 0% None Needed
650 - 699 30% 1yr or 30% increase
600 - 649 60% 1yr or 30% increase
599 & Below DENIED  

Landlord - All applicants must submit previous year landlord or mortgage history. If an applicant does not have a landlord reference, then their application is subject to a 30% Security Deposit increase.

Pets - View our Pet Policy.

In the event that the total required security deposit increase for any application would exceed 100% of the rent, the application will be denied.